Launch...plans for bug fixes

So, I've released a game to the world. That's weird! I'm getting reviews, tweets, even donations from some friends, downloads and follows from people I don't know...IT'S ALL WEIRD MAN.

Weird in like the best, coolest, look I actually finished a creative project kind of way.

So...there's clearly a few bugs people are finding. I want to fix those. If you get stuck in any kind of repeating text loop, please message me. I also read in a review about some of the text being bigger than the boxes, going to look  into that for patch 1 too - should be out in the next few days.  Also will try to fix any missing/broken sprites. So never fear if you've experienced one of these things.

This is my first project. It's short, it's quirky, but I'm proud of it. More importantly, all the support I've been given is giving me the confidence to make future projects the best they can be, on bigger scales. Thank you.

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It would be nice if you could add they/them pronoun options for the MC. 

Thanks :)

That's great feedback and an easy fix :)